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So this week has been a good week for the most part. I only worked about 28 hours, which gave me some nice down time to kinda relax. Thursday night my Dad and I went to a hockey games. It was the Kings vs. the Devils, which is always a good match up. The only thing different this time was in between the second and third period my Dad’s friend Todd got us in to the V.I.P restaurant. I wasn’t too pleased with this part of the night. We basically sat at a table and watched the game while a bunch of the execs, rich people, and players wives ate dinner around us. Granted the view was much nicer from this area, but it wasn’t the hockey experience I have grown to love over the years. Perhaps the only cool part about the restaurant was that we were sitting at the table next to Kings player Kipp Brennan (I think that’s how you spell his name) Anyways, after watching the first 15 minutes of the third period we made our way down to The Wives area. This is a little lounge where the players wives can watch the game on TV if they wish rather than in the arena. After waiting around for 20 minutes or so we went out to the player tunnel where all the players exit. There I saw about a dozen players and coaches and even got a few autographs on my Kings jersey. (Luc Robataile, Ian Laperiere, coach Andy Murray, to name a few) I’m not usually one to get star struck but it was really amazing seeing people like Dave Taylor, Ziggy Pallfy, and Luc Robataile, since I have grown up watching them play hockey.

Friday I went out and did some shopping and picked up a couple of new video games. I picked up Freaky Flyers for PS2 and Jim Hensons Muppet Party Cruise for Gamecube. Misty and I wound up playing the Muppet game that night until about 2 a.m. Talk about addicting…

Saturday Misty and I head out to OC to do some shopping. I was trying to find a Jack Skellington watch at Hot Topic that I had been wanting, but unfortunately neither the Riverside or Brea Hot Topic have it in stock. Instead I settled for the coffin shaped watch with the spiderweb face, it was the watch I had initially wanted a few months back but refrained from buying it since Rick had beat me to the purchase. We also went by my company store and picked out some outfits for our niece and even splurged a little and got a Nightmare Before Christmas Sally ornament and mini snowglobe. You can’t beat something that is 75% that initially sold for $15.50. We’re going back in a few weeks since the Sally sculpture we have been wanting is also 75% off, and is normally ninety-five dollars. After that we finally made it to the movies to see the newest Tim Burton film “Big Fish”. This is perhaps one of the best movies I have seen since Pirates of the Caribbean. I loved this movie! If you haven’t seen it I suggest you hurry out and see it before it leaves theaters. During the previews before “Big Fish” we saw the trailer for a new movie with Johnny Depp in it that looks really good. It’s a thriller called “The Secret Window” (I think…) Apparently Johnny Depp plays a writer who is writing a story that has already been written by some man named Shooter. The guy starts going all crazy and starts stalking people and what not while Johnny Depp’s character is trying to figure out what it is Shooter wants. Not to sure what the whole basis of the movie is, but I think it will be another great role for Depp.
That night we tagged along with Rick to celebrate X’s birthday. It was an interesting night. As usual for X’s shindigs it split up into about three sub groups and everyone kinda did their own thing. Regardless it was free pizza and free booze, so who’s gonna complain?

Today we went with my Dad to my grandma’s house to give her our old washing machine. It was kind of a waste for us to go down there with him since I hardly helped unload the thing. We stayed just until my Dad and my uncle got it all squared away and then we took off. We came home and played some more Muppet party as we did laundry. Joe dropped off the 30 day notice form for the apartment for us to sign. Thank god that is going to finally be over. He also brought over a few pictures of Misty and I that we had requested, hopefully Nicole will find more than we can have or make copies of. We then went to Misty’s parents for a delicious Chimichanga dinner and then returned home for yet more Muppets, and now here I am. Tired, thirsty as hell, and ready to end this and go to bed.

Good night!

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