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So this week has been fun. Sounds like I will be getting promoted again in the next couple of weeks. I should know for sure by next week. Otherwise it’s been a lot of work and not much play. We are 50% done with putting the invites to the wedding together. I still haven’t posted about Bats Day, but I will tonight for sure. Last night we crashed at Misy’s ‘rents with the intent of having another garage sale this morning, but our plans fell through when we all overslept. So we got up came home to pick up Misty’s unemployment check and go to the bank. We then did some shopping and came across some cool and cheap Halloween finds to add to my black cat and witch collection. We got some ideas for my car as far as inside decor, but I really don’t want to mess with anything yet until I can find out if it is possible to get spiderwebs in the tint much like all the trendy kids have flames. Anyone know anyone that does tinting? Leaving for Rick’s in a few to grab a bite and then tonight is some cosmic bowling excitement with the gang. Should make for a fun night…I just want beer.

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