Fun Times At The Wedding Shower

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So Saturday was the wedding shower. It went really well and we got a lot of cool stuff. Everyone that was invited showed up for the most part. We ate some great BBQ kabobs and ribs, drank plenty of alcohol, and of course sang some Karaoke. Not many people got plastered, but poor Jen drank herself silly and then spent the morning puking. Sadly so did Misty’s sister Hollie who’s actually a lot more fun and interesting when she’s drunk. It actually evens out the other 85% of the time that she is bitchy. We’re supposed to have a backyard camp out this weekend at Misty’s parents and I think I may buy a bottle of Southern Comfort for the soul purpose that her sister will drink it and actually be fun. It was nice to see Joe show up, I think things between him and I have finally gotten back to good. He sincerely congratulated Misty and I that day, which was nice considering the first time he congratulated me he sounded annoyed. It’s weird however, seeing him without Nicole. I’m not sure what is in store for the two of them, but I hope regardless of what happens it is better for them both. We got a lot of great gifts, like a Margarita set, Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition, Money, some really cool shot glasses, the first two harry potter books, and some various bath and body things. Ruben made us an awesome Goth mix CD complete with Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, and Voltaire. I’ve listened to it on the way to work and back for the last two days. Sunday we took some of the money we got from the shower and our Target gift card to buy ourselves a new desk. Our room is finally starting to look like we live in it and that is a good thing considering it looks like we are going to be here a bit longer. Other than that not much has happened. I spend most of my time working now and my days are taken over by shifts that run from 1:30-10:00 which kill my options of doing anything. As I mentioned before Saturday we plan to do the whole camp out thing. Looks like a handful of the people who were there Saturday will be back. I sent out e-mails to Rick and Alisha inviting them and spoke with Joe on the phone about coming. Hopefully we’ll have a decent turn out. I think that’s all for now, I’m getting tired and my brain isn’t working so well.

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