Flashback and a Columbine Reenact

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So I’ve been listening to the music on LAUNCH constantly lately and tonight I’ve been listening to the 1990’s Rock station on it and it’s taken me on a journey through my High School years. Bands like Silverchair, Candlebox, Collective Soul, Better Than Ezra, Nirvana, it’s great. Anyways, I went back to work today and boy was it slow. There were hardly any people in the park. It made it very nice as a first day back. It was weird though cuz I kept seeing teenagers with Santiago High School jackets and shirts and I was like, hey I went there. By the looks of things I will now get Saturdays and Sundays off from work. I am very excited because this means if I want to go to a club, or Vegas, or just hang out with Rick, Robbie, and Alisha I can. YAY! I’m excited. I had a lot of fun the other night with them. We played “Scene It” the DVD movie trivia game, and then about a 1/4 of the Living Dead Dolls game before we got tired of board games. After that Alisha, Rick, Robbie, and I played Mario Kart on Gamecube…I still kick ass. I was happy to see that Nintendo stuck to the original character attributes from the original Mario Kart. My Koopa Troopa still has the best control, acceleration, and speed. Wanna rematch?

Misty and I debated tonight about the teenagers that were arrested in Louisiana for planning to reenact the Columbine incident at their school. It was basically just a back and forth debate simply because I feel that the kids shouldn’t be charged with something just for “making plans”. I’m not saying that making plans is not bad, it’s just that no one knows for sure if on April 20, 2004 whether or not they would do anything. I say arrest the kids, interrogate them, and put them under surveillance, but don’t charge them with a crime they never committed. I’m not siding with evil here, I am just saying that they never technically committed a crime. This led to debate about people like Sadam Hussein, Ossama, Hitler, Charles Manson and how they never physically killed anyone, but instead had others kill based on their ideas and beliefs. I have my own personal feelings on that, but it doesn’t mean I feel that these people are good people and don’t deserve what they are getting. It’s a long story, if you want my side on it ask me…

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