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Well first of all, Misty and I finally finished the wedding invites. Woo hoo! All have been stuffed and put in envelopes and will be sent tomorrow. Now back to things I failed to post about previously:

Bats Day was awesome! We started out the afternoon by grabbing a bite to eat at Rancho Del Zocalo. After some delicious Tex-Mex food we head over to Pirates of the Caribbean. Nothing too exciting there, but afterwards it was great. While leaving New Orleans Square we ran into the mime. I was wearing my lanyard that day in hopes of finding some good Nightmare or Haunted Mansion pins. As we passed by he motioned as though he was trading a pin and pointed at me. I told him yeah and he got very excited and motioned for us to go upstairs to see his collection. We followed him upstairs to the Disney Gallery where he had us take a seat on the patio. The mime left briefly, but then returned with about six lanyards. We were amazed, sadly we only found one pin we actually wanted. After the trade he took the lanyards back into the room and then motioned for us to follow him. He then took us into another section of the gallery where they had two headstones on display. There he motioned for Joe and myself to lie in front of them and play dead. He then took us into the picture section of the gallery where we played a question game where he would point at a Disney movie character and we would have to name them. Apparently it was only meant for Misty and Jen because if us two guys said anything he would give us a dirty look. Turned out they were answering for Mardi Gras beads. We took a quick pic with the mime and then head on our way. We hit Haunted Mansion, Winnie the Pooh, and Star Tours before a stop at the Premier Shop. There I came across a Nightmare pin for last Christmas, sadly it took me about 30 minutes and a fight with Misty to get it. I got it though, bless my selfish obsessions. The rest of the day was mostly rides and food. We met up with Rick, and Alisha briefly later that afternoon, but since we were on our way to see the Snow White musical we didn’t stick around. After Snow White we went and had dinner at the Village Haus, and after dinner we ran into one of my colleagues from work Jay. I was really surprised to see him at Bat’s Day, however it was nice to see a familiar face in the sea of black. He mentioned that he was going to be at the 9:00 Mansion Photo Op, which stood out in the back of my mind all night. Not knowing anyone made the day a bit uneasy, but the few interactions we had with fellow goths were good ones. Around 9:00 we head over to The Haunted Mansion in hope to find Jay. Just when I thought it would be impossible Misty spotted him. We met up and he asked if we wanted to join his group for the photo and I gladly obliged. We got in line with his group and met some really cool people while we were there. We took our group shot and then head into the mansion. It’s a really awesome experience to share a stretching room with like 50-75 like minded people. After the Haunted Mansion we had planned to try and pick up our group photo, but the line was way too long so we head home instead. Overall Bat’s Day was an awesome experience and I will definitely be going the main event next year and probably even go for the mini Bat’s Day in November or December.

Finally our weekend. Saturday night was bowling night. Rick, Alisha, Joe, Eddy, Misty, and I all went Cosmic Bowling. We hadn’t been in a while so it was a lot of funny. Misty was happy that someone finally did worse than her, Eddy. To add to her excitement she broke 100 during one of our games. Sunday was Rick’s Labor Day BBQ, but sadly we couldn’t make it. As usual one of our days of cleaning turned into a massive reorganizing/redecorating project. Fortunately for us it was successful one. Our room looks even cooler now, which is a big plus when your whole life is enclosed in a 10×10 cube. We scored some shelves from the Factory 2 U that was going out of business down the street which allowed us to put some of the items we have been storing out of the way. I now have my small collection of witches on display. Yay! We also cleaned out my car, which was long overdue considering there was food in tupperware rotting in the back seat from our trip to San Francisco. EGH! Thank god the smell is gone! After a long night of cleaning and a little bit of passion we called it a night.

Today was good. Work was horribly slow and to top it off it was like ninety-eight degrees out…I hate the heat. Where is fall?

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