Cake Tasting, Wedding Registries, and Riot Grrls

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Yesterday Misty and I went cake tasting, which turned out to be a complete waste of a day. Even though we had made an appointment with the bakery roughly two weeks before yesterday, they still had nothing at the bakery for us to taste. We spent an hour there and only tasted two types of cake, two types of frosting, and two fillings. We got there around 12:45 and approached the counter to let them know we had arrived for our cake tasting appointment. The woman behind the counter told us to go ahead and have a seat at the desk at the front of the store, after waiting for about 10 minutes or so we were approached by a little old lady. The lady was very apologetic for making us wait, but since we told her we were early we said it was no problem. Rather than bring us every cake to try, she instead asked us what kind of cake and fillings we would like to try. We didn’t really mind this very much, except for the fact that she only gave us 3 options for cake, marble, white, and chocolate. Filling options on the other hand were a bit more plentiful. We had the option of Pineapple, Strawberry, Lemon, Raspberry, Blueberry, Chocolate Custard, and Custard. Since we only had three options for cake we asked to try all three, and then since I am not much of a fruit person we opted to try just the two custards and the lemon initially. After about five minutes she returned, with two types of cake, and the two custards. Unexpectedly the cakes were not assembled instead we had two cups of custard and two small slices of each type of cake. A little bit different, but at first not that big of a deal. Then we find out that they don’t have marble cake, they don’t have any lemon filling, and they had just made the chocolate custard, oh yeah…and they didn’t bring frosting since the kind of frosting that is supposed to be on our cake they apparently didn’t have. So we try each of the cakes and decide that our favorite combination was the white cake with custard. After tasting the cakes and trying to talk to this lady to find out what our icing would taste like with it she offers to bring us the butter creme frosting. Figuring it would give us some idea what frosting would taste like on the two cakes we said sure. She then brings out a cup of frosting to add to our collection of cake cups and informs us that this frosting will taste nothing like the one we want on our cake. At this point I am starting to get a little ticked off, I figured with an appointment they would have premade cakes to taste, ALL of their flavor options, and at least some organizational skills. Sadly they didn’t even have a picture of the cake that they are supposed to be making for us. So now that we were pretty much back at square one, the lady decides she can go get one of their lemon meringue tarts since it had the same lemon filling as their cakes. Again we opt to try it since we really didn’t have to many other options. She returns with the tart and I attempt to get my spoon into the tart but fail miserably since their meringue is like rubber. Finally Misty jumps in and just pulls the whole meringue shell off of it giving us access to it’s delicious insides. We taste the lemon with the white cake and butter creme frosting and fall in love.

Now that we have found something we like the lady has become somewhat more flustered for no reason what-so-ever other than maybe our anger and frustration is beginning to show. During all of this she is still looking all over the store for the folder that has a picture of our cake. In the end it was never found, and was never faxed over by the mansion where we are getting married so she could verify the type of frosting on the cake. To top it all off she couldn’t even describe how it tasted. Finally, she decides to call the main decorator to find out whether or not they will be getting in the rolled fondant icing that is on our cake. During their conversation we overheard two descriptions of the flavors, somehow it managed to be both “not very good” and “sweet”. Understand that initially, she thought that the bakery didn’t have any of the rolled fondant. Or perhaps she just never looked! The main decorator informs her that they do in fact have the fondant, which was a huge moment for Misty and I since in the event they didn’t have it we would have to come back whenever it was they ordered more for someone’s cake. So she brings out the fondant…WITH NO CAKE. Luckily rolled fondant really has no flavor, it seems to be used more as a texture than anything. Just in tasting it you can tell that it would take on the flavor of whatever the cake was. So really I guess it wasn’t too bad that we didn’t get the cake back. After tasting it we left irritated and uneasy about having The Sierra Bakery do our cake.

Following cake tasting we decided we would head up to the mall and do some registering. VERY UNEVENTFUL. Now I know why it is I don’t shop at major department stores. In both Macy’s and JC Penny we found nothing that even remotely interested us, except for a quesadilla maker that was unfortunately seasonal so there goes that idea. Finally at Robinsons May we found a huge selection of household items we actually liked and some gorgeous silverware as well. Unfortunately everyone and their mom was there registering so we decided we would return on a later day. Afterward we head off to Panda Express to grab a bite to eat and then did some looking around at Hot Topic and then head home. Found the boots I want, didn’t get them…Someone should go buy them for me.

Finally my Good Charlotte rant that I meant to go off about the other day. I was at work Friday and saw a girl with a Good Charlotte patch on her jacket that said Riot Girl on it, and it kinda threw me. One because I was somewhat tied in with the Riot Grrl scene in the early nineties. Not to be confused with Good Charlotte Riot Girls. For those of you who don’t know, Riot Grrl was a feminist movement which originated from the punk movement. Riot Grrrls are both a historical music movement and a basic ideology. In music the battle cry was “Revolution Girl Style Now!” lead by all grrrl bands like Bikini Kill and Bratmobile. Politically, riot grrrl are people (girls and boys) who stomp out sexism and inequality wherever they see it. So seeing it kind of took me back to those times, making me wonder if Good Charlotte even knows what Riot Grrl is about and what it is they are putting on their merch. I hardly doubt it, and sadly the name of powerful and legit movement gets passed on to young girls as a trendy patch with no basis behind it. This gives me just one more reason to hate Good Charlotte that much more…Grr

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