Computers Crash, Stores Go Out of Business, but Buffy is Forever…

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So Misty and I stayed up until about 1:30 a.m. last night to watch Stephen King’s “Rose Red”. We have had it on DVD for quite some time now, yet we never watched it. Misty had seen it when it was on TV originally, I on the other hand had only seen parts of it. So we spent four hours of last night watching it. It was a really great movie, the only drawback is that for some reason every time there was a bright flash in the movie the TV screen would turn black and white. Damn 80’s TV! Regardless we got through the movie ok, I’m not sure if it’s the cable running from the PS2 causing it or what…We got up this morning about 10:30, which wasn’t too bad for us. I think started wiping out our hard drive. At some point this week we got hit with a worm virus which started screwing up a bunch of our programs and installing a bunch of random BS on the computer. I didn’t get much time to back things up, however we did manage to save our internet favorites and a few pictures. Sadly, my collection of over 1,000 MP3’s had to be sacrificed due to time and resources. Granted lately I have resorted to listening to music on LAUNCH to give myself some variety, unfortunately though by wiping out my MP3’s I wiped out all my goth stuff.


After spending about 3 hours formatting the computer, re-installing software, and downloading upgrades and drivers we took a break. We took a drive over to Cold Stone Creamery and got some ice cream. It’s good stuff, I feel kinda guilty spending over ten dollars for two people to have a cup of ice cream, but it’s really a treat…During our outing we saw that our local K-B Toy Store was going out of business so we thought we’d swing by and see what they still had. Sadly the store looked like a hurricane had hit and there wasn’t much left that interested me. I usually scope out K-B for good deals on Movie Maniacs and assorted horror figures and dolls, but unfortunately the only Macfarlane toys still available were Ultima Online, Candyman, and various sports superstars. Just when I thought we had seen everything worth seeing in the store, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer logo caught my eye underneath a pile of worthless child entertainment. I picked up the box and discovered that it was actually the Buffy board game. Now I pondered this purchase for about five minutes, debating on whether or not I wanted to invest in such a thing. While I am a die hard Buffy/Angel fan as well as a board game fanatic I questioned whether or not the purchase would be worth it. This was the first time I had actually seen the game in stores, and had seen it on E-bay for up to $25. With the store going out of business that was 30% off the marked price. Since there was no price on the box I took it up to the register to see how much the game was. There I decided that $17.95 wasn’t a bad price and went ahead and splurged a little. On the way out of the store I just kept thinking to myself about what a nerd I was…I LOVE IT! When we got home Misty and I went through and set it all up, read the game objectives, and checked out various parts of the game. Interestingly enough it actually looks as though it is going to be a quality game, best of all there are four possible scenarios. You can play the game based on the first season of Buffy and go against The Master, or perhaps The Mayor is your preferred villain. And who can forget The Judge? And for those of you who remember Buffy’s fling with Riley, you can always play during the days of Adam the robot. To top all that off you have a huge array of classic Buffy characters that can be called upon during the game. Oz, Faith, Spike, Druscilla, Harmony, Darla, Riley, Angel, and many, many more.

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