Breakfasts To Die For

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So in my half assed writing yesterday I didn’t get into any details about the delicios breakfasts we were served during our stay at the Blackberry Inn. Each night we went to bed wondering what delicious dishes we would be served the next morning. We woke Tuesday morning and were served our first of four delicious breakfasts. Tuesdays menu consisted of an egg, mushroom, and olive quiche which was delightful. With it came a small dish of scalloped potatoes and baked grapefruit with cinnamon topping. Wednesday our meal started out with a bowl of blueberry and pear cobbler which was a meal in itself. The cobbler was followed up with a egg, cheese, and turkey sausage souflet with a side of coffee cake. Thursday and Friday Misty were the only guests at the Inn so we enjoyed breakfast alone without the company of the stuffy arrogant rich folk we had the pleasure of feasting with the previous two days. The breakfast on Thursday started out with a fruit and yogurt cup which contained various mixed fruits stacked in a cup with yogurt on the bottom. After eating the fruit cup I would have been full, but then we were served an omelette souflet with country potatoes surrounding the plate. Friday started the same way with a fruit cup to start followed by eggs in a nest. A delicious hashbrown mix with potatoes, onions, and chicken which nested a sunny side up egg in the middle with a cinnimaon biscuit on the side.

Our whole experience at the Blackberry Inn was amazing. The home was beautiful, the food was great, and we also discovered halfway through the week that the Innkeeper was in fact the author of numerous outdoors books. We happened to be reading through the Yosemite guide books featured in our room and discovered that the book had been written by Ann Marie the Innkeeper. Upon further reading we discovered she had in fact written a total of 11 outdoors books covering various subjects in regards to hiking and National Parks. At the end of the week we asked to purchase one of the books, but instead she gave us a book free of charged as a wedding gift. She even inscribed the book personally to us it was amazing. The whole week was incredible and we plan to return in April for Misty’s birthday. The waterfalls are supposed to be gorgeous that time of year and the colors and sights are supposed to be even more vibrant in the Spring. Ann Marie even offered to give us a deal since the weather prevented us from enjoying most of the Yosemite sites…

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