Breakfast, Bagels, Beer, and Bludgeoned

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So today was fun and interesting. Misty woke me up this morning around 9, however I was in no way ready to get up so I slept for another good hour or so. After getting up we screwed around for a while before I took a shower since we had planned to go to breakfast. We hit The Cowboy Surfer Grill and I had a really good breakfast sandwich with Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Eggs, Cheese, and Mayo on a Sourdough bread. It was really good. After breakfast we stopped by the house to pick up our cans and bottles to recycle. Unfortunately the place we usually recycle at was closed so we ventured to another location but unfortunately they too were closed at the moment. We finally wound up driving out to Norco to drop off the beverage containers at some strange Feed & Recycling place. It was run by a bunch of self absorbed rednecks that really didn’t acknowledge their customers at all. To top it all off the cans that were in the containers were swarming with bees and wasps. It was really freaky…

After dropping off the cans we came home to do some cleaning and for me to fool around on the net. I made some interesting discovery’s while doing so. I’m not sure how, but we started reading about dumpster diving, which lead us to a LJ community about dumpster diving. It was really interesting and I saw a whole other side of dumpster diving I had never even heard of. Apparently a lot of people out there dumpster dive for food that’s been thrown away. I would only dumpster dive for things like computer parts, CD’s, Books, etc. But apparently many people live off the old food thrown away at markets and such. A lot of the people posting on LJ were talking about searching for bagels. Apparently bagels are a big commodity in the dumpster diving world…Who knew? I got a little bit grossed out when people talked about eating Strawberries, banannas, potatoes, and of all things, meat that they found while diving. I find this practice to be a bit disturbing, however I figure that people have to eat right? I think what really kinda grossed me out though was the person talking about getting salmonella from eating bad meat and how it wasn’t that bad they just had really bad stomach pain and what not. EGH! I did some further research and found out that thanks to California dumpster diving and trash digging is not illegal, but if you do it somewhere it says private property or no tresspassing it can run you into some trouble.

After some extensive research on dumpster diving and the pros and cons of it we decided to take a trip to Target to purchase some wrapping paper to wrap Jayd’s birthday present for tomorrow. The financial God’s smiled upon us when we found wrapping paper on clearance and a ribbon for seventy-nine cents. After a trip around Target we head over to Rick’s place to meet up for a trip down to Heroe’s in Fullerton. Rick, his brother Robbie, and Alisha joined us for some great food and big beers. We talked and laughed for an hour or so before heading back to Rick’s before calling it a night. I had a lot of fun today and tomorrow should be just as fun.

Rick and I hammered out the details for my bachlor party. Looks like we’re going to hit Hooters first so my cousins can join since they are under age, and then head out to Fullerton where our friend Eddy was able to hook us up with a hotel room for fifty bucks. We’re gonna do some bar hopping and then head back to the room for some poker and drinking. It should be a blast I need to start getting to info out to everyone that I want to go so that they can get the day off or whatever.

Oh yeah…Misty punched me in the head today.

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