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So those of you who have actually seen me over the last month know I have been down and out due to a severe foot injury. For those of you who saw me late last week you know I got the soft cast off and was actually getting around pretty well, but as of today that is no more. I’m sure many of you were startled by the sonic boom on Friday that followed Atlantis’ return into Earth’s atmosphere. Unfortunately I haven’t been up much on current events lately and was unaware that it was returning in our area, and in turn was terrified that something serious happened in my neighborhood. I jumped to my feet and rushed to the living room to make sure that my parents were ok, and in doing so managed to bring back a small amount of pain to my foot. Most of Friday I had some slight pain in my foot, but was still able to walk without much difficulty.

Friday night we spent some time with Jorge and Nohemi just playing board games and eating pizza. It was the best Misty and I could do since we have been broke these past few weeks with me being off and since I have not yet got disability.

Saturday, there was really no major change in the status of my pain. My foot still hurt slightly, but it was nothing compared to what I had been experiencing over the last few weeks. Since I was due to return to work on Monday I decided I should try and drive since I hadn’t attempted this feat since my foot problems had started. It was mostly successful, the only real pain I experienced was when having to hold the brake for long periods, and it wasn’t pain as much as it was discomfort. I considered the experience overall a success and only feared sitting in rush hour traffic on the 91 where I would be on and off the brake for the majority of the drive. It wasn’t until late Saturday evening that I started to get concerned. The pain in my foot continued to worsen and my stretches didn’t seem to be helping. I stayed off of it for the majority of the night thinking that perhaps the drive and activities of the day had just irritated the injury and it would pass.

Sadly, as of the morning I am nearly back where I was two weeks ago. Nearly crippled by the pain in my heel and having extreme difficulty walking. Tonight has been the worst with not only the little bit of walking around the house I have had to do hurting, but also my stretches causing me sever discomfort. I am due to return to work in just under 6 hours, but I don’t think that is going to happen. It’s now 1:37 a.m. and I am awake with my foot throbbing and nothing working to stop the pain. I doubt anything short of a miracle is going to make this better by tomorrow, so I will most likely need to get back in to see the Podiatrist and see what the heck is going on…

So you’re probably wondering what someone does stuck at home for three weeks unable to drive, walk, or go to work…Well, you spend a lot of time on the Internet, play a lot of computer games, and do a lot of graphics design work. Then, when your wife is put on medical leave for her pregnancy, she tortures you by watching the worst shows on television that suck you in even though they are horrible.

As mentioned in my last entry I spent my first week off doing a lot of work for the band We Are The Arsenal. Their design work was basically what I worked on during my 30 minutes or so my foot wasn’t being iced. I created their album artwork and myspace background, and also did some logo concepts. They are using the album/myspace artwork, but unfortunately the logo concepts fell by the wayside and they will be using their existing logo.

A concept logo for We Are The Arsenal

The second week I actually had the soft cast on which helped with the swelling a lot which gave me some longer freedoms in front of the computer. I did a few tweaks on the Deadboy Productions website, and revamped my Myspace page. The background you see currently on my Myspace was designed by myself. The image was “borrowed” from another graphics site, and the raven on a branch in the background is a Photoshop brush, but the overall layout and color scheme was all done by me. I also did some heavy music downloads over the week and my playlist now caps out at 5,612 thanks to artists like Lacuna Coil, Emilie Autumn, Betty Curse, and a handful of other goth bands and goth albums. I also spent quite a few hours battling Deidrianna’s forces in the PC classic Jagged Alliance 2. In between all that was a lot of sleeping and random internet browsing.

I ended that week celebrating with friends Jorge’s 27 birthday. This was the first chance I had really got to actually leave the house. I did pretty well considering I was still on crutches and in the soft cast. The only downside was that floor at King Buffet wasn’t exactly the cleanest and some food/water that had been spilled earlier didn’t mix well with one of my crutches and I wound up falling at one point on my way back to the table. I landed directly on my hurt foot and caused myself some serious pain. Fortunately the pain was short lived and I was able to enjoy the rest of the night in only minor pain. I was also happy to find out that night that much like myself, Jorge’s music collecting is very diverse. I’ve been surrounded by so many narrow minded “music enthusiasts” over the years that seeing such a broad range of music on his MP3 player was nice.

I spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing since I knew I was due to return to the doctor on Monday to get the cast removed and hopefully walk again. Monday rolled around and sure enough, I got the cast off, and I could walk…sorta.

The doctor switched me from the soft cast to using Mineral Ice with an Ace bandage. Though this gave me the ability to walk again, I was still a bit shaky. The doctor and I both decided that it would be best for me to take the week off to recover and focus on my stretches. So alas I have spent the last week home as well.

Earlier this week Misty was also taken off work. She is now 4 months pregnant with the twins and her back and sciatica have been giving her some serious problems so the doctor felt it would be best to have her stay home since her job required her to be on her feet and lift things all day. The one nice thing was that we got to see Pirates finally. I took a day out of the house to go see it. I really enjoyed it, I thought Keira Knightly’s performance was incredible. She was sleek, sexy, and by far the strongest performance. I really liked the film, but hate that they left it open for a fourth film. Don’t get me wrong, I would see a fourth film. However, I would only watch it if it featured all of the original Cast Members.

With Misty being off we also got to spend some quality time together which has been enjoyable, but in turn I have had to watch some of the worst television known to man. First she stumbled across a show on Fuse called Pants Off Dance Off. I’ve added a clip from the show that I found on YouTube below. This isn’t from any of the episodes we watched, but it at least gives an idea…

Pants Off Dance Off is basically an amature strip tease in front of a music video of the dancers choice. The contestants are then judged by “real” exotic dancers, Honey and Precious and I guess they win cash or something for shaking their asses the best. The show is hosted by wannabe pop star Willa Ford and basically trashy, weird, and ugly people from all of the US shake their asses and take off their clothes in hopes of being the top “Pancer“.

The next awful show that Misty stumbled upon is MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. A show where MTV let’s spoiled little rich Diva 16 year olds showcase their overdone Sweet 16 parties for the world to see. The episode we watched was I guess a reunion for the season and it showed all of the girls and their parties. By the end of the show I wanted to blow up the room that these spoiled little bitches were all sitting in. They were the most spoiled, ungrateful, bitches I have ever seen. Not to mention a few of them were G H E T T O! They pissed and moaned to get their parents to spend THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS on these giant Sweet 16 parties where they invite like 100-200 friends to. (Because all girls at 16 have at least 100-200 friends right?) All of the girls for the most part aren’t anybody big, but one of the girls was a football players daughter and the other was Eazy-E’s Daughter. If you click on that link you can watch her whole episode at She was probably the worst of all of them. To the point she was such a Diva that she almost didn’t show up to her own party because her stylist tried to screw her over for being such a bitch. Another horrible show thanks to the powers that be at MTV. I don’t even know why they call themselves MTV anymore. They should just change it to RTV for “Reality Television” since I never see music.

Finally the icing on the cake was a BBC America Reveals feature called, Love Me, Love My Doll a documentary on a group of men who have fallen in love
with their life-size dolls, called “Real Dolls.” Real Dolls are lifelike, built-to-order silicon women built here in California. The dolls have real hair, tongues, teeth, the whole 9…The show explored these guys and their lives with these dolls that have for the most part taken over their need for organic living and breathing women. This was by far the freakiest, yet intriguing things I have ever seen. It’s amazing how into these dolls these men are and how real they think their relationships with these synthetic are. Though BIZARRE as all hell, I would actually recommend watching it just because it is an insight to something totally out there. It aired for the first time last night on BBC America, and will air again on July 15 at 4 p.m., but if you have satellite like me it will most likely air at 1 p.m.

I also completed some concept work for We Are The Arsenal’s myspace contact table, but regretfully they weren’t quite what they were looking for. They liked the work, but felt that the war theme was too obvious and they wanted the theme to be much more subtle. I started some work on some new concepts tonight, that will hopefully better fit their needs. But here is a sample of the work that was rejected. The first one is my personal favorite.

A concept design for the We Are The Arsenal Myspace contact table.

A second concept design for We Are the Arsenal\'s Myspace contact table.

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