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So it’s been a long week and I’m really glad it’s over. Sunday was fun. Eddy had everyone over for a Graduation/Memorial Day BBQ. It was nice being able to hang out with him and Joe and not have the tension that was there six months ago. We did some drinking, ate some chicken and had an overall good time. Joe seems to have changed a lot over the past few months and almost seems a lot happier than I have seen him in a long time. It’s either that, or he is just under less stress at his new job.

I tried an Irish Car Bomb, I was surprised that I liked it considering I hate Guiness. It wasn’t too bad. There will be a lot more drinking on the fourth since I am taking the fifth off. I was too full to drink very much on Sunday.

It’ll be nice seeing Nicole at the next get together, I’m curious to see how it is with everyone back in the picture. Right now it’s nice to know that even after all that happened things can move on and be ok. We’ve all had our moments and said things we regret, but I think things are patching up kinda nicely. It sounds like Nicole has changed a lot since we last saw her, so I’m kinda curious to see what she’s like. I’m curious to see if her persona has changed at all or if it’s all just a change in scene.

The rest of the week has been nothing but work really. I had a lot of lead hours this week which meant extra stress on me, not to mention I had a closing shift that ended at 1 a.m. last night for a Grad Nite. I had a lot of fun working it, it was just really hectic. It didn’t help that I had to work at 9:30 this morning, which meant I had to wake up at about 7:30 after getting home around 1:45. Egh… Luckily I was able to get an early release today so I got off at 12:15.

After work I swung by McDonald’s to grab a happy meal. Misty really wanted me to get her one of the new Neopets mini plushies they have in them so I went there on the way home, and then we went again once I got to Corona. I never realized that a Happy Meal would actually fill me up to the point of being content as far as hunger goes.

After lunch we head over to Party Land to check out their Luau stuff for the wedding shower. We found a lot of stuff we really liked, however it was a bit pricy compared to Party City…The only catch is that the closest Party City is in Rancho. So it looks like we’re stuck using Party Land and Oriental Trading Co. for decor and stuff. The only excitement out of that trip since we didn’t get to buy any of the stuff for the shower was that I got a TY Beanie Baby witch for $2.99. I love when I find cool witchy stuff cheap.

Afterwards we hit a couple dollar stores and a furniture place. Nothing too exciting at the dollar stores, however we did find a bedroom set we liked at the furniture store. It’s a huge four post bed that has neat night stands with like marble tops and stuff. The only thing I didn’t like was that the dresser had a big round mirror and it looked really awkward and it bugged me. Otherwise it was great.

After our window shopping ventures we came home and I took a good hour and a half nap to catch up from last night. We then head over to Rick’s around 6:30 where he had kindly picked us up some burgers from Nikko’s Burger. They were damn good, and he also got a big side of fried zucchini which I had never had from Nikko’s, but I really liked it once I tried it. Then it was off to see Harry Potter.

Misty and I are usually against seeing movies on the opening day, however since I am forcing myself to go to the movies more I didn’t mind so much. It was crazy to say the least…we got there about an hour before the movie and once we got inside had to wait in a line that went out the back exit and around the building. It was cool though, cuz we went to the theater in Jarupa so it wasn’t infested with little ghetto gang banger kids and arrogant 909 hard asses. It was cool to see a wide array of freaks and geeks like us. Goth kids, punk kids, families, and a kid dressed up like Harry…Most impressive. I only hope that the Edwards Cinema they are opening up near us is similair in atmosphere and audience. The last movie we saw at the theater for public viewing was Peter Pan and it was ruined by some damn kids pissing and moaning that they were going to get jumped. With the way they were talking and acting, they probably deserved it. Needless to say Misty set them straight and the rest of the movie was almost enjoyable.

Overall tonights experience was splendid. Alisha, Rick, Robbie, Misty and I all had a great time. The new Harry Potter was outstanding. I really loved the dark feel to this one and now I want a Hypogryph. After the movie we went back to Rick’s for a bit and just bullshit about the movie and stuff. I had a lot of fun.

Tomorrow Misty and I are going to start going through boxes to see if we have any stuff we can get rid of in a garage sale we are going to have at some point in the next few weeks. I know we’re selling our desk and our bed and a few other random things, but other than that I’m not too sure. Who knows what we’ll find. Next week is Rick’s graduation and the following week is his big graduaton party so there should be a lot of fun happenings coming up in the next few weeks…

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