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So this weekend was a lot of fun. I got off work about an hour into my shift on Friday, so I was able to come home and spend some time with Misty. We did some shopping for most of the day and then returned home for a night of pretty much nothing. Misty has become re-obsessed with Neopets, I’ve slowly become more interested. I’m not sure I’m as head over heals as she is, but amused none the less. I was also surprised to find a new toy interest Friday while in Spencer’s. There is yet another macabre toy line to strike my interest called Teddy Scares. They’re basically teddy bears gone vengeful after being tossed away by their owners. Upon visiting the Teddy Scare’s web site you find a welcome screen that tells their vengeful story. “Don’t be frightened. I was once your friend. I played with you during the day and guarded you when you slept at night. When you were sick, I stayed by your side. When everyone was too busy, I was there for you. Time passed and you left me behind. I waited and waited for you to remember me as my insides rotted. I’m back for you. I want to show you my world now…” You can find out more about these cuddly bits of horror at TeddyScares.com and read the stories of Rita Mortis, Abnormal Cyrus, Redmond Gore, Edwin Morose, and Hester Golem. I really hope these become somewhat of an ongoing collectors item, much like Living Dead Dolls. Speaking of Living Dead Dolls, I discovered this weekend that they will be releasing another ComicCon exclusive LDD this year. The 2004 exclusive will be a two doll set of Jack and Jill. I am really excited and I think I am going to ask Rick to pick Misty and I a set up when he ventures to ComicCon. You can view pics of the dolls here. In other shopping finds Misty and I visited a candle/bath and body store called The Body Shop. I was fairly impressed with our finds. I was not too fond of the men’s fragrances, however they had a wide variety of women’s fragrances and make up that I particularly liked. I really liked a scent called Moonflower, I’m thinking when Misty and I get a few more dollars I am going to go with her to buy a bottle.

Saturday was Rick’s graduation from UCR. It was by far one of the most ass numbing experiences of my life. Sitting on bleachers for almost two hours can be very painful. He’s lucky I’m his best friend or I would have kicked him in the shins. I wasn’t too impressed with the student speaker, however the orthopedic surgeon guy that spoke was fairly entertaining. The student speaker was just too African American for my taste. I don’t mean to sound racist, but I just felt she was preaching or about ready to start going on about having a dream or something…Just kinda bugged me. After the graduation we head back to his place for some grub and of course karaoke. As usual I had a lot of fun hanging out with various members of his family. I met his little cousin for the first time. I had heard about her a lot, but hadn’t met her until Saturday. She seems pretty cool, for a twelve year old. Next Saturday is the real party, I’m looking forward to it. I’m curious to see if Joe, Nicole, and Eddy will show. We’ll see.

Today Misty and I were supposed to help her mom clean up the backyard and garage a bit to prepare for our Garage Sale we are having in a couple of weeks, and also to clean up for our wedding shower that Misty’s mom is throwing for us next month. Sadly, none of that happened. There was just too much going on and there was a lot of sitting and doing nothing. Oh well…Tomorrow I have an early work day. I have a lot of tasks at work to take care of. I have to meet with one of my colegues ASAP to crunch numbers regarding a reward and recognition program we are working on to reward our cast during summer. Hopefully I can complete that and meet with one of my other coleagues from the Hollywood area to finally complete the whole basis for the program before he leaves for vacation. Time to go look for Misty…Night.

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