A New Year, A New Beginning

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Well we’re about a third of the way though the new month of the new year…Good times. Anyways, Misty and I started our new diet on Monday. It’s been really good so far. I will say that this diet makes you feel less bloated after eating. You don’t get that “OH MY GOD I’M STUFFED” feeling. Whether or not I am losing any weight I won’t know until next Monday when I weigh myself. The only thing that sucks is that at the start of the diet I had to get up and actually eat a breakfast, but for some reason I kept feeling sick. I’m assuming it’s because I am not used to actually eating much in the morning. Last night we went and got the Atkins breakfast bars and shakes though, so that should fix that problem. I was home sick two days cuz of that. I’m really excited about this diet though cuz every fast food restaurant is jumping on the Low-carb diet bandwagon. In-N-Out will give you a burger protein style, Carl’s Jr. just came out with the Low-Carb Six Dollar Burger, Subway is coming out with an Atkins approved sandwich, and if that wasn’t enough even sit down restaurants are getting involved. T.G.I. Friday’s just came out with an Atkins menu. YAY! Consider Misty and I LOVE Friday’s. I think the only thing I am going to miss on this diet is not being able to drink alcohol yet. I don’t want to start jumping back into even low carb stuff like that until I’ve lost the weight. I have quite a bit of weight to lose, so hopefully by the wedding I’ll be where I want to be. Speaking of the wedding, we booked the photographer FINALLY. She seems nice, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to cost too much. Like 12 something I think for everything. We also found our invitations we want at the mansion so we plan to go back and order them since we get 20% through them.

I’m home with a killer soar throat right now. Not that I wanted to go to work today since I had a damn Area Greeting shift, but I could have done without the sore throat from hell. Luckily the Tylenol Sore Throat works great, too bad it tastes so strong it makes me gag… EGH! I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and I’ve had nightmares the past couple of nights. I have no clue what they are about, but they are bad enough to wake me up suddenly. It’s odd cuz I haven’t had nightmares like that for as long as I can remember. On top of the nightmares I have just been very restless. I fall asleep just fine, but then come about 1 a.m. I wake up and can’t get comfortable or just toss and turn. I’ll finally fall back asleep and wake up again at 2, repeat the same thing and then wake up again at 4.

My Dad’s been home sick most of the week as well. He’s been driving me nuts. He’s constantly bugging me to do something, which is really making it annoying to live here at times. He’s always bitching about the bathroom being clean since it’s still “the guest bathroom”. Not that they have guests or anything! On top of that I constantly here about cleaning out the cat’s litter box. I know he hates cat shit cuz he used to bitch just as much when I lived at home with my old cat, but it’s to the point now where I feel I need to follow the cat’s with a fucking bag and throw it away as they go…grr.

The best thing so far about 2004 has been that Misty and I are finally financially stable. Minus a little mishap that happened the other day due to a check bouncing. Turns out some bitch that used to work at K-mart with Misty decided she didn’t need to pay for her stuff. The check she wrote to us bounced, causing our rent check to bounce. Misty called her and the girl basically told her there is no way she can pay cuz she has no job. We threatened to take her to small claims court since in the end it cost me over one hundred dollars in bank fees. She didn’t give a shit, which basically made me say screw it. If I took it to court and she still couldn’t pay it wouldn’t do anything for me other than make me pay court fees…Fuck I hate the system. There should be some way to automatically take the money from the girl’s husband’s paycheck or something in order to pay for what they were being sued for…Anyway’s now I’m assed out almost two hundred bucks…grr.

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