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So today was pretty kick ass. The only thing that really sucked about it was the fact I woke up with a strained foot, which cancelled our plans of going to the beach.

So we woke up this morning and head out to get my hair cut. Not too bad, just sucked that the girls missed some spots on my neck. No biggie though, Misty can fix it with my electric razor. After my haircut we head down to Michael’s to purchase the little bags to hold our wedding favors. You’ve gotta love Michael’s for looking out for it’s crippled customers. They have a wheelchair cart, which is what I utilized gratefully considering the state my foot was in. While at Michael’s we purchased 216 of the favor bags in Gold, Red, and Burgundy. We also stocked up on some neat Scrapping stuff that was on price cut for $1-$2 dollars. And of course since the Spooky Town stuff was 25% off we grabbed a couple primo items to add to our Halloween collection. After Michael’s we grabbed a bite to eat a Wendy’s. Might I add that Wendy’s is probably the most underrated fast food places I know of. Everyone is so big on McDonald’s and Burger King, but in all honesty I think Wendy’s is ten times better. Go to Wendy’s people! After Wendy’s we head out to a cake decorating place in Norco. They had a cake tier we really liked, sadly we didn’t like the price much. The white wrought iron tier was a fat $149.99. OUCH! Not only that, but the store didn’t have one in stock we could actually look at. Afterwards we head home to drop off our stuff where we met up with Jen. At this point my foot was really bothering me so we just hung out at the house while I rested it. Jen coming over brought more excitement to my day since she gave me her Zire palm pilot. When we were all at Target last night I was looking at them and she had mentioned that she had one she never used that she got when she bought tires. I asked her how much she wanted for it, and she said I could have it. Today I became the new proud owner of a palm pilot. I fiddled with the pilot for a bit and then we left on our trip to Anaheim to pick up the material for our wedding ring pillow. I sat at the table while the girls searched for colors. Misty brought over a beautiful shiny orange rust material that we all agreed would look great. I sat at the table a bit longer while Jen and Misty looked for some flannel material and then we left.

After buying the material we head over to the Disney Character Wherehouse where I scored some great deals on 2003 Haunted Mansion Holiday merch. I got a snowglobe, and ornament, and a Mayor PVC figure. All at great discount prices. After our shopping was through, we head over to Panda Express for some ever so delicious chinese food. As usual I I ordered Orange Chicken. After stuffing our bellies with Chinese goodness we head back out to Corona where we again stopped at Michael’s. Misty and Jen wanted to check out the clay molding stuff since they had made clay gargoyles the day before. They found a couple of books they really liked and picked up a few cheap utensils as well. Misty and I also picked up a book on how to make natural soaps, lotions, shampoos, and massage oils as well. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. After our trip to Michael’s we had to head over to Jen’s aunts house to pick up some candle’s. Her aunt had an amazing house with a really awesome deck and pool. After a quick visit we head back to our place where we decided to start filling the favor bags with the favors. It took us only about a half hour to complete thanks to the three of us working together. After finishing up the favors we then worked on separating the leis for the wedding shower luau. We hung each of the on a hanger so they could air out in hopes they wouldn’t smell like plastic come day of the shower. Once we finished with that Misty and Jen had a nice little bonding session looking at pictures and what not while I played with my new palm. I downloaded the Palm Desktop for my PC and hooked the Palm up and messed with my address book and what not. I added b-days, addresses, and phone numbers in. I love the thing. It is going to make my organization at work much easier, especially when it comes to remembering people’s phone extensions and such.

In other exciting news it looks like the three of us will be taking a trip up to San Francisco on August 13. We’ll spend the weekend up there at her friends parents place, and visit the city, and just have a really good time. It’ll be nice for Misty and I since we have been looking to get away for a while now. I’m still hoping on top of this trip Eddy will be able to get his dad to let us stay in his cabin in the desert. I think everyone getting together to go do that will be a blast. Time will tell what happens with that though. Well I think that’s all for tonight, I am off to bed. Tomorrow Misty and I are working on wedding invites and doing laundry all day, so it should be a nice lazy Sunday.

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