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So Saturday was the first day off I have had in a long time that Misty and I didn’t HAVE to work on wedding stuff. Over the past months we’ve had to work on invites, or go buy something, or go check on something, but Saturday we had nothing to do. It was actually realy nice to not have to stress out about anything. We finally have almost everything done. We bought the cake tier at Michael’s a couple weeks ago with a 50% off coupon which was a big plus. It is a simple 3 tier metal frame that we plan to decorate with silk fall leaves and some ribbon. We sent out all of our invitations on Tuesday which was nice because we have already started getting a lot of the RSVP’s back. The invites were so much work ,but I really think the personalization of them really payed off. Misty’s Grandma is even framing it. I hope to make a scan of it at some point this week so I can post it for all to see. This will also give me a chance to actually utilize my photobucket account. The wedding stuff has been so much of a strain on us and has kept us soo busy for so long it was almost strange having nothing to do. We spent all day saturday in our pajamas relaxing. It got a little hairy when we got into a bit of an argument, but it was resolved and the rest of the night was fine.

Sunday was fun. I went over to a colleague’s house to talk computers. He showed me the new Warcraft game which was amazing! It reminded me so much of Asheron’s Call and the graphics were amazing. I really like the fact you can choose an undead character. I am really looking forward to the release, I just hope I can get a new computer soon to play it on. He also showed me a funny flash animation that mocked Counterstrike players. I’m going to ask him for a link so I can post it on here for all to enjoy. Sadly unless you played Counterstrike it won’t be as enjoyable. He then showed me Linux which I almost instantaneously fell in love with. I love how freely it can transition between the GUI and Command Prompt almost seemless. Not to mention the lack of error and the fact it is tailored to your system. It would probably take me a while to get used to it, but hopefully some of my knowledge of the old DOS command will help. After a long tutorial on Linux and demonstrating some major selling points on software he showed me his step dad’s projector screen that was hooked up to his PC. Watching Doom 3 on that was the most awesome thing I have seen in a long time. It makes me want to invest in one when I get my next PC instead of a Monitor. After some Doom 3 excitement I head home to meet up with Misty since she had been out getting her nails done and her legs waxed.

The rest of the day was pretty kick back, we head over to Misty’s ‘rents house for a bit to drop off some baby wipes we had bought on clearance for Jayd. We hung out for a bit talking with her sisters and her mom out in the garage before heading to grab a bite to eat. Jayd is in love with me. I was the only one she would hug and not only that, but she hugged me like three times and told me she loved me. After a long goodbye to Jayd we stopped by Carl’s Jr. before making our trip home.

When we got home we decided we were going to walk up to Wal-Mart for a little excercise so we could buy me a new bag of sunflower seeds since I have been craving them so much lately. On our way we passed by a lizard, and about three million ants. We came upon the lizard just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk during our walk. Unfortunately I am very bothered by reptiles of any kind so Misty shooed it away and then we were able to continue our walk. After crossing the street we hit our next random nature experience when we found ourselves walking through literally thousands of ants. The first swarm was eating an earthworm alive which made for interesting viewing. Who needs the Discovery Channel when your shopping centers were built on acres of Orange Groves. We soon discovered that the horde of ants was just the beginning. Almost every crevice in the sidewalk after that was black with the tiny creatures. It was by far the most ants I have ever seen in my life. There was no trail to them they just swarmed in a huge black line and were eating other insects in their path alive.

We arrived at Wal-Mart and did an extended walk of the store since we figured we may as well make the trip worth it’s while. They’ve started getting in more Halloween stuff, which is always a plus in my book. Sadly, there is still nothing to get too worked up over. While we never did find sunflower seeds, we didn’t leave empty handed. We happened to come across a really neat Halloween card we liked and purchased it as well as a soda. We ended the night walking home and then a trip to the post office.

The weekend as a whole was really great and I hope this weekend is just as fun. I found out yesterday I “unofficially” made the “A” Lead spot and my schedule reflects it. I will be working Monday through Friday 8:30-5:00 for the next four months. Life couldn’t be any sweeter…well if I could sleep in it could. So who’s all going to Disneyland this weekend?

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