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This was originally posted on my Myspace page, but feel it applies here in many ways as well…

Ok, so I’m sure by now someone is offended and crying over my latest blog. Let me make something clear, my blogs against illegals aren’t directed at Mexican’s as a whole. And if you’re Mexican, and offended then you obviously think illegal immigration is ok, and if that’s the case then so be it. That is your view and you are ok to think that way, just as much as I am ok to think it’s not ok.

You can think I’m a racist, you can think I’m ignorant, you can think I’m arrogant. The bottom line is that it’s simply how I feel. My feelings about this are not unwarranted. And I have brought forth my concerns more than once in my blogs. Blogs are a place to share ideas, information, and opinions…This is what I do with my blog. Feel free to agree, or disagree, but again realize it is just a personal opinion towards a certain group of people not towards mexicans as a whole.

Do I sometimes attack mexicans in general? Yes, sometimes I do…Yes, I realize I may offend some of my mexican friends. But realize that most mexicans I know or are friends with do not fit in the category of mexicans I have so many issues with.

You aren’t rude and disregard those around you and their personal space. You don’t let your kids run amok in the store unsupervised or left to tear apart the toy section because you don’t want to deal with them while you shop. You have some sense of respect for others, their belongings, and their personal space. Agree with my POV, or not, you know exactly the types of Mexicans I am referring to. If you live in Corona, you’ll see them everytime you’re at the store…

If you’re my friend or know me, then you know I feel this way. If you decide you’re no longer my friend because of this, then so be it. If you’re willing to let a difference in views on social issues get in the way of our friendship, then you obviously aren’t a friend worth having around. This is who I am, this is how I feel. I have just as many issues with groups of whites, blacks, and various other races, but an opportunity to write about these issues rarely presents itself. I’ve said on more than one occasion, openly, that I am an equal opportunity racist and have issues with every race in some way or another.

With that said, I think I have laid everything out for you to make a decision. This is how I feel, this is who I am, and I will continue to write about topics that may be “racially sensitive” if I see fit. I hope you take this opportunity to come to a decision as to 1) how you will react to these posts in the future and 2) if you intend on continuing our friendship. If you decide to axe the latter of the two, then I wish all the best to you in the future. And if this is your decision, kindly remove me from your friends list so that I am aware of your decision and so that you are not somehow offended by future musings.

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