The Start of MY Holiday Season

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Well it’s officially here, the start of my favorite Holiday season. For most the Halloween craze doesn’t set in until about mid-September, but for many Halloween enthusiasts like myself the Halloween excitement starts in July. Many retailers begin stocking their shelves with creepy and crawly merchandise in mid to late July. I began my search at the beginning of the month, but it looks like many of the retailers I usually hit early are off to a slow start this year.

Michael’s has again beat the competition by putting out their Halloween merchandise before anyone else. In fact a friend of mine who work’s for the company says that her store put out it’s Halloween merchandise on the 4th of July. That’s my kind of patriotism! Misty and I already grabbed up most of the merchandise we really liked. I am a bit torn as to whether or not I am that impressed with their stock this year. I was quite fond of the fact that many of their Halloween signs this year were witch related, but overall their selection was slim and really lacking anything that truly caught my interest. The only other purchases we may be making are a set of bobblehead Trick-or-Treaters and a few more signs. Here are some pictures of the items we did decide to purchase.

Of course we also did our annual purchase of Lemax SpookyTown products. The only problem is that over the years we have bought so many of their products we don’t remember which one’s we have, so we have been really cautious as to what we purchase until we can take a trip to our storage unit and break out the Halloween boxes.

We also started our search for this year’s Halloween Costumes. We are hosting our Second Annual Monsters Ball, festively named “The Dance Macabre”. We are going with a very dark and very gothic theme this year. Castles, Candelabra’s, and everything else dark and sexy you can think of. I started hammering out this years playlist and here’s what I have thus far. (Not in any particular order yet)

Bauhaus – Bela Lagosi’s Dead
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection
The Dreamside – Spin Moon Magic (Asleep By Dawn Club Mix #1)
Ego Likeness – Water to the Dead (Asleep By Dawn Club Mix #1)
Skinny Puppy – Pro-Test (Asleep By Dawn Club Mix #1)
Neuroctifish – The Bomb (Asleep By Dawn Club Mix #1)
The Cruxshadows – Citadel (Asleep By Dawn Club Mix #1)
Paralysed Age – Bloodsucker (Asleep By Dawn Club Mix #1)
Orgy – Fiction (This Is NeoGoth)
L’Ame Immortelle – The Truth Behind (This is NeoGoth)
The Cruxshadows – Tears (This is NeoGoth)
Covenant – Dead Stars (This is NeoGoth)
Culture Kultur – Inside of Me (This is NeoGoth)
Razed In Black – Share the Poison (This is NeoGoth)
Hocico – Instincts of Perversion (This is NeoGoth)
Claire Voyant – Majesty (This is NeoGoth)
The Last Dance – Once Beautiful (Dancing in the Dark 2006)
The Cruxshadows – Dragonfly (Dancing in the Dark 2006)
The Wake – Sideshow (Gothik)
Big Electric Cat – Orchid Dreaming (Gothik)
Girls Under Glass – Halloween (Nightmares)
The Brithday Massacre – Horror Show
The Birthday Massacre – Play Dead
The Birthday Massacre – Video Kid
VNV Nation – Chrome (Matter+Form)
VNV Nation – Strata (Matter+Form)
VNV Nation – Interceptor (Matter+Form)
VNV Nation – Lightwave (Matter+Form)
VNV Nation – Perpetual (Matter+Form)
Blank & Jones feat Robert Smith – A Forest (Psycho Tina)
Apotygma Berzerk – Fade to Black (Psycho Tina)
Effcee – Perfect (Psycho Tina)
Fear Cult – Girls & Boys (Psycho Tina)

As you can see I stuck with the Electro, Goth, EBM, and Dark Wave theme for a very goth and dark mood. I plan to add more details and more images as they become available. Time is running out, there’s only 94 days until Halloween!

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