Ad Fail

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I know there are a number of sites who will show you failed advertising efforts where the ads that display are just too ironic or insensitive to not be laughed at.  But this one was more the ad itself that failed and not so much the placement of the ad.

While doing some lyrics reading today on I found this ad at the bottom of the page:

According to the advertisement this woman lost “12 lbs in 2 weeks” and they have before and after shots to prove it, but what’s even more amusing is that it appears as though she also lost 12 shades of pigment in her skin!  Seriously if you’re going to advertise something and lie to us about it, at least try and make the lie beleivable!  And if this isn’t a lie you may want to at least include some kind of disclaimer that tells you this product lightens your skin as well.


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