Write It Just Like That, But Not Really

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So the other night when Misty and I were at her parents I heard something on the news that kinda annoyed me. Apparently a student somewhere was expelled from school for a paper she wrote. The girls class was learning about the works of Edgar Allen Poe the class was then given the assignment to write a short story in the style in which Poe wrote. The teacher of the class had also told the students they could use her as a character in their story. The young girl did just that. Allegedly in the end of her paper the role in which her teacher played was tied up and thrown in the river. After the girl turned the paper in she was suspended for apparently writing a paper which allegedly was a threat to the well being of the teacher and school…

What has our world really come to? We can send our kids to school and teach them of authors like Poe, and then ask them to write a paper in the style in which he wrote just to expel them for writing what we asked them to. How can we expect our children to express themselves and be creative if we expel them for their creative efforts. Creativity and originality has become something that is almost shunned in the school systems these days. Schools implement a uniform dress code. I could elaborate on this so much more but I have a headache right now and it keeps giving me writers block to the point in which I start writing in circles.

I’ll try and elaborate on this subject more later, but tell me what you think of all this. I’d like to hear from people that know of any other situations where kids have been expelled, suspended, or faced any other forms of discipline for their writings, opinions, or clothing.


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