This Here’s The Wildest Ride In The Wilderness…

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So as many of you may have already heard Disneyland had quite a mishap today. The head of one of the trains on Big Thunder Mountain allegedly de-railed killing one and injuring ten others. How this happened is still under investigation but I doubt Disney can talk it’s way out of it. I’m pretty sure it was due to maintenance negligence I was working today at the unhappiest place on earth AKA Disney’s California Adventure when I heard about it. I heard the radio call go out about a paramedic run over the radio and I was later told by one of my co-workers that the attraction had de-railed and that a man was in critical condition while many others were injured. Needless to say it shows how shitty the company I work for has become. That’s the third injury/death in the past few years. We had the Columbia incident, the falling tree incident, and now this. What is the deal?

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