Even In Cyberspace Celebs Aren’t Immune to the Crazies: Rose McGowan vs mygirlrose1

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So tonight I watched something bizarre unfold on Twitter and I realized that celebrities using social media are susceptible to the same insane behavior online that they are offline.  What caught my eye was the tweet below from actress Rose McGowan:

Tweet from Rose McGowan to mygirlrose1

After digging a bit I discovered that user mygirlrose1 had actually been harassing Rose McGowan and a number of her fans via twitter for roughly 5 hours straight.  Tweets from both McGowan and Baptiste Piriou, the author of the Rose McGowan fansite mcgowan-rose.com, hinted that the user had been harassing them not only through this account but a number of aliases on twitter.  You can view some of the highlights from his tweets below.

Stream of tweets from mygirlrose1

The tweets featured above hint that perhaps this was a crazed fan that felt ignored by Rose McGowan, but other tweets blatantly attacked people with racial slurs, hate speech, and various other rants towards fans defending McGowan against the user.

What’s sad about this particular case is that it goes to show that even online celebrities are faced with the same sort of insanity and dangers that are posed in public.  On one hand social media gives us insight into the lives of celebrities that we never knew (personal pictures, anecdotes, etc.) and many times even a direct line of communication with our favorite stars.  Unfortunately that same sort of access and interaction opens celebrities to a whole other threat like the one that has unfolded this evening.

Have you ever seen something similar to this with one of your favorite celebrities?

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