Kevin & Beans Miss Double D-cember 2009

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For those of you who have been reading for a while you may know that I’m a pretty avid listener of the Los Angeles based radio station 106.7 KROQ and the Kevin and Bean show which airs weekday mornings.  You may also recall my attempt back in March to get some air time with the Kevin & Bean show with my Criss Angel is a douche bag stunt on Zotfish.

Last week the Kevin & Bean show hosted their Annual Miss Double D-cember pageant.  Miss Double D-cember is a contest which allows women to show off their “talents” in an effort to win the title of Miss Double D-cember and the perks that come along with it, such as attending KROQ events, etc.  Morning show listeners vote for the top contestants and after the voting is over there is a pageant held to determine the winner of the contest.

The 2009 Miss Double D-cember pageant took place last Friday at the Sidebar in Fullerton California and a winner was crowned live on the Kevin & Bean show.  This years winner and owner to the title Miss Double D-cember 2009 is a 25 year old bartender from Chino Hills named Cassandra. was on hand at the event and did an outstanding recap of the event.  You can read all about it and see exclusive pics in their article; Breast Augmentation Patients Participate in KROQ Double D Pageant.


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