Illegal Immigrants: Welcome Home!

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Many of you may recall the Illegal Immigrant problem that has plagued our nation over the years. Sadly, many of you have probably already forgotten about this issue since it hasn’t seen news coverage since the start of “World War III” in the Middle East. So let me refresh your memory, you may recall the marches in protest by illegal immigrants and their supporters, perhaps even the legislation that was passed by the senate earlier this year strengthening border security, establishing a guest-worker program, and providing the means for millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the country and possibly become citizens. Now do you remember? Good.

Illegal immigration is not so much a problem it is in fact an implemented part of our society. If it was truly a problem we would be doing more about it. Law enforcement agencies would properly enforce laws that pertain to immigration, companies would stop hiring illegals, and our products and signs wouldn’t appear in both English and Spanish. The fact of the matter is that our economy welcomes illegal immigrants and their families as consumers. They know that illegal immigrants often come here to live the American Dream and spend American dollars to make that dream come true, regardless of the long term effects.

Look around you when you are out at the store or at a restaurant. Pay attention to signs, packaging, and instructions. I guarantee you’ll find at least one of these things in both English and Spanish, and if you only find one then you probably don’t live in the southwestern half of the United States. I was eating dinner at the local Burger King about a month ago and while I was there I realized that all of the promotional material for their Extreme Spicy Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich was in Spanish and only Spanish. At the time I dismissed it as being a promotional tactic since after all it is “Spicy”. However, a few weeks later I stopped at the Burger King near my work and saw the same promotional material in both English and Spanish. Then this morning as I was sitting on the toilet pondering life and all it’s mysteries I looked over and noticed that a box of Dixie cups we had purchased for our bathroom had an English side and a Spanish side.

Many Americans want us to build a fence along our borders. I think at this point we might as well just roll out a 1,951 mile long red carpet because to be perfectly honest we’re like a five star hotel with full accommodations. We give them jobs because it saves our businesses money because they are paid wages that are so low they should be criminal. Many argue that they do the jobs that Americans won’t do. The fact of the matter is that Americans will do the job, but they refuse to do it for an unfair wage. We give them housing because no one cares that they are illegal as long as they are paying the bill at the end of the month. Oh and of course when it comes to products and services we offer most of them in both English and Spanish.

The truth of the matter is, Mexicans can illegally enter our country, chase the American dream, and be fully accommodated along the way. We as a society have gone above and beyond to make their stay here, legal or not as comfortable and easy as possible. The president of Mexico was right when he claimed that Mexico doesn’t have an immigration problem. America has an immigration problem, and until businesses step up and stop hiring illegals, housing companies stop housing illegals, and law enforcement starts enforcing immigration laws we will continue to have an immigration problem. If we refuse to face the reality of the society we live in we will continue to see this problem and it will only get worse. The sooner we refuse jobs, refuse housing, and imprison law violators the sooner these immigrants will realize it’s really not worth the long, hot, dangerous trek through desert to come to America. They might actually stay home and try and make things better in their home land rather than make things worse in ours.

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