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I’ve never been much of a political person, nor have I ever considered myself a religious person. I have only voted twice in my life and went to church when I was younger solely because I was forced to. I haven’t followed any politics since the last presidential election and spent the first two years of college as an agnostic until I found my true beliefs which lie in Wicca. But now more than ever am I concerned about the political and social climate we live in. I was listening to Kevin & Bean yesterday morning on KROQ in hope to hear Ralph’s Sex U, a segment of their show that has been on every Thursday for the last five years. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it was basically an educational segment to talk about some of the less talked about sexual subjects (i.e. bondage, swingers, sex toys, etc.) The show has always been done very professionally as a way to let the audience know about other options they have to spice up their sex life. Sadly, the segment has been cancelled in order to cover CBS’s ass following the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident. Basically the network has cancelled all radio segments that deal with sexuality. Rather than look at them on a case by case basis to see if the shows cross the line, they canned all of them. So yesterday instead of having Sex U, they had callers call in and see what they thought about it. It was sad to hear some of the callers who called in concerned that their children could be exposed to such things, but it was even sadder to hear how naive they were.

It seems that our society is slowly becoming the huge Christian run society that we’ve seen in the past. While I know there has always been a Christian majority, it bothers me how borderline we are at this time between the separation of church and state. Seeing George Bush use God so often in his speeches, and then his obvious Christian biased protest to gay marriage. Not to mention his huge push for the teaching of abstinence in our schools rather than safe sex techniques. All of this fueled by their right wing righteous republican bible pushing supporters. To top it all of we have Michael K. Powell, son of Secretary of State Colin Powell at the head of the FCC. Again in this case fueled by the support of republican bible pushers to clean up TV and Radio. Does no one see that if we just start taking responsibility for our children and actually BE PARENTS we wouldn’t have this concern. We have so many features geared to protect our children from seeing things, not to mention if society just took the time to get involved in their kids lives they’d know what they were doing. Maybe if society would spend time to teach it’s children what is right and wrong and educate them on it they’d be more aware. If you’re too scared to talk to your children, then you can lock channels on many cable and satellite receivers, you can lock out certain rated movies on many DVD Players, you can buy programs to stop your children from looking at internet porn. Or if you’re shallow enough you can spy on your kids by buying the new keystroke recorders for your keyboard so you know when they go to www . naughtyinternetthings . com. (Made up site name) When are we going to start taking responsibility for our children and quit blaming TV, Radio, Movies, Music, and every other form of media?

I think what gets me most is that rather than hear both sides we only hear the right wing side, and their side is apparently the only side that matters. What about those of us who don’t care what’s on radio or TV? What about those of us who plan to educate our children so that if/when they see or hear things that are of adult content they understand it. I find it so ironic that they throw such a fit about shows that have sex in it, yet sex is used as such a huge marketing tool in business. I really don’t care if people have Christian beliefs, but I don’t think they should force their beliefs on all of society. Let the gays marry, let TV and radio keep up it’s usual standards and if a boob slips out here or there, let Britney, Madonna, and Christina make out all they want. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. If you want to keep censoring fine, but when all your kids are pregnant, doped up, and are homophobic don’t blame us. Blame yourself for being so scared that you didn’t properly educate your kids about important social topics. Instead you felt the need to keep them in the dark, and when that darkness made them curious they did the best they could with the knowledge they had; or lack their of…Meanwhile our kids will be out making decisions on their own, and while they might not always be the right decision at least we’ll know that they knew the consequences ahead of time. At the rate we’re going we may as well put some form of scarlet letter on all our pregnant teens for being sinners, and make all the gays sit in the back of the bus, use different bathrooms, and go to different schools. What the hell, why don’t you set up the stake to burn all us “devil worshiping pagans” while you’re at it…. Fuck you George W. Bush for letting your power as president be tainted by your Christian God beliefs. IF you want to play God’s politics go run a church not a country. You have a small population who have a different perspective, don’t force yours on to us…

By the way I know this sounds dumb since I stated that I haven’t voted much, but in all honesty I would have had it not been for me moving constantly.

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