A Letter To California

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Dear California,

First off I want to thank you; well at least thank those of you who took time out of your day to vote yesterday.  I also want to thank those of you who helped bring “Change” to America by choosing Barack Obama as our next president. You made history by aiding in the election of the first African American president and have helped set this nation up for what I hope is 4 years of positive change.

However, I am also disappointed in a number of you.  Disappointed because you have decided the rights of the animals we eat are superior to the rights of our fellow human beings.  You see yesterday you gave the chickens, pigs and various other animals we eat the freedom to roam and live in more healthful environments.  Yet you took away the right of your fellow Californians to marry the ones they love simply because they don’t love someone of the opposite sex.

Understand that I too voted to let our food live a bit more humanely, but I also voted to let other human beings share the same joy I was fortunate enough to experience just over 4 years ago.  I recognize that having the opportunity to celebrate your love for someone and dedicate yourself to them, whether it lasts a lifetime or not, is something incredible and is something that if I had taken from me would be devastating.  You felt strongly enough to give animals that we eat certain basic rights and freedoms, yet you robbed other human beings of theirs.

Sure they can live together for the rest of their lives.  Sure they are eventually entitled to certain rights, though not the same rights granted to a married couple.  Sure they could technically exchange rings and go through the motions as though they were married, but sadly they will never be able to truthfully say, “We’re married”.  It’s too late to change your mind now, however if you said Yes to Prop 8 and you are married, or have been married, I want you to take a moment to seriously think about how you would feel if you could never marry the person you love or loved.  Would your relationship with that person be the same?  If you could NEVER be married to that one person who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, how would that affect you?  Think about that for a moment…

At this point I don’t care if you said Yes, or why you said Yes; be it procreation, religious reasons, hate, it really doesn’t matter.  The fact is you have told a percentage of your fellow Californians that their love for another person, a person they want to commit themselves to, doesn’t matter nearly as much as those who chose “traditional marriage”, and therefore under the California constitution they can no longer be married.

For a state that once embraced the hippie movement and is also home to the pornography capital of the world, I must say I am quite disappointed in you.  For a state that for so long has been seen as free and as liberal as it is, you were sure pretty closed minded this election.  But hey, at least our food will have room to roam and we’ll have a super cool $9.95 billion high speed rail system sometime in the future.  Who needs human rights when our food is happy and we can travel?


Your Dishearted Voter
Mike Wilton

Please note at the time this was published only 95% of the precincts in California had reported their election results.  Prop 8 lead with 52%  of the votes being Yes and Prop 2 lead with 63% of the votes being yes.


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