Mike Wilton & Musings For A Darkened Room

Mike WiltonBorn in Torrance, California and raised in Corona, California Mike Wilton has been a number of things over the years.  Musician, theme park ride operator, internet marketer and serial entrepreneur, but it was his social nature and love of the internet that would set the course for what would ultimately become Musings for a Darkened Room.

He first made his mark on the blogosphere in 2003 using LiveJournal.  At the time his blogging efforts were mostly personal, as a means of keeping friends and family abreast with what was going on in his life, after all this was before everyone and their mom (literally) was using Facebook.

The blog evolved in 2007 when much of the LiveJournal content was moved over to Blogger where it took on the identity of Musings For A Darkened Room.  A play off the title Music For A Darkened Theatre, an album by one of his favorite composers, Danny Elfman; the blog shifted it’s focus away from just journaling daily happenings and started including opinion, expertise, insight, and other musings.

Now Musings For A Darkened Room is its own entity and has become a creative outlet for whatever Mike feels he needs to share.  Whether it be rants, raves, personal views, or just what’s going on in his life, it has found a home here. It’s not always PC, it’s not always polite, but it’s always from the heart.